How to cycle around Japan

Tips for accommodation, using transport(train, ship, airplane) with bike, restaurant, warter for drinking, laundromat, etc. in Japan.

I hope they will help you cycling around Japan.

[FAQ] Tips cannot be categorized below.


about road sign, rules and cautions you are aware of in Japan, etc.
[Map] about recommended road maps of Japan; "ROAD ATLAS JAPAN" and "TOURING MAPPLE"
[Get-a-Bike] about bike shop, rent-a-bike, used bike


where to find laundromat, the charge and availability of detergent, etc.


How to use toilets in public area.
[Public Bath] There are variety of poblic bath and spa in all around Japan. They make your touring more comfortable!


conversation(useful Japanese with .wav files speaker.gif), signs and letters


about riding in a train, a ship or a air plane with your bike


about water in Japan

[Foods & Drinks]

about fast food shop, restaurant and bar in Japan etc.
[Internet Cafe] They are close to and different from the one in your country. You can enjoy Japanese comics "manga" there.
[Telephone] about mobile [cellular] phone, SIM card and public phone.
[Camp / Tent] about place for tenting, fuel for cooking

[The Goods]

Useful goods for cycling in Japan. carrying bag, PET bottle cage,etc..


about shops for daily use, price and charge list


exchange, credit card etc.


hotel, youth hostel, tourist home, etc.

[Power Supply]

source voltage of outlet(tap), availability of battery
[Coinoperated Locker] They are mainly around railroad station.


rainy season, rush(crowded) season


cigarette, portable ashtray